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What are we talking about?

What are we talking about?


ughh. we hate this word, but it's technically what we are doing. We like taking minimal ingredients and making something amazing out of them. That’s what we mean by artisan


This a big one for us. If we can’t pronounce the ingredient, it doesn’t go in our ice cream. Sorry if you are craving that propylene glycol monostearate


This is a fancy way to describe how much air is whipped into your ice cream by the machine. Although we could make more money by adding more air, we are all about taste at Slick Licks. Denser ice cream means better flavor

Is soft serve the same as frozen yogurt?

No!  Our soft serve is ice cream!  We want you to enjoy our take on one of the world’s most popular desserts while also having that childhood feeling of eating soft serve


We are STRICT! This is what makes the ice cream taste so good. This is what sets us apart from other soft serve spots. OUR HEAD CHEF looks for the best natural ingredients in our local area. 


ew. no. it’s already in too much of what we eat anyway. We won’t ever make our ice cream with high fructose corn syrup. as nacho libre would say, "Get that corn outta my face!!"


We try to source every ingredient we use from a local vendor. Obviously we don’t have pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, banana, etc growing around Salem… but when we need those items, we source them from the closest possible farm


Yes vegan!  Unlike the not-so-tasty grocery store vegan ice cream, you would never know that our select flavors are vegan! we spend countless hours curating vegan options that taste as good - if not better - than our dairy soft serve

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