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Welcome to the Slick Licks Secret Site!!

What is Slick Licks? Slick Licks is an ice cream shop located in Salem, Oregon. Okay, that's cool, but what makes us special? Here's the pitch, we make our own ice cream. I know, I know hold your applause. We utilize a premium ice cream base (16% milkfat) and natural flavorings to craft the best ice cream in Salem. We are constantly changing our flavors and inventing new, sometimes unorthodox, flavors to our menu.

Lactose intolerant? Stomach tries to self-destruct as soon as something dairy touches it? We got you covered. We keep at least four non-dairy ice cream alternatives. We use a mix of an Oatly non-dairy base or a creamy coconut base, allowing us to have a variety of flavors!

Want 20% Off? Here, take 20%

We want you to try our ice cream. Like, we REALLY want you to try our ice cream. To help incentivize this, we'll give you 20% off the purchase of a single scoop of any of our ice creams or non-dairy flavors. There's a catch, however. You'll only get the 20% off if, and only if, you show the cashier a picture of a highland cow, like the one you see below. Show a cute cow, get 20% off a single scoop of ice cream. sound fair? Good. Hope to see you soon!



For the quickest responses, reach out via email or Instagram DMs. Ask us questions! Tell us what flavors you want! We want to talk to you!

(503) 420-3914

Instagram/Facebook: Slick Licks Ice Cream

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